.lately i.

  • have been getting my tan on. however, yesterday it got the better of me. going to need to turn the face tanning bulbs off for the rest of the lays this week.
  • this cold windy weather has made me live in the pea coat, leggins, & boots. but since layering is my favorite i’m not complaining.
  • realizing how lucky I am to have this sweet guy in my life. he’s amazing and seriously a blessing.
  • spent the better part of the night last night catching up on my Project Life binder [after being 2 months behind!!]! still got a little more to go. but very happy with the progress. thankfully this refreshed my love of this project. not to mention it was the first time using elise’s seafoam kit & I absolutely cannot tell you how much easier it is to do when I actually have a kit I actually use.
  • adoring spending time with that sweet boy. even if it is spent studying over coffee. so glad he came up this weekend.
  • hello long[er] hair! she’s growing out and here lately I haven’t hated it. thinking i’m going to try and rock a medium length for awhile [but i am not making any promises! ]
  • after realizing the favorite pens in my collection were all Steadtler. i quickly answered my question of what to purchase to with my new planner. hello, sweet color coding.

and here’s to a very very very busy week ahead …

erratic fall thoughts.

I’m quite certain there aren’t enough weekends in fall for me to accomplish all of the fall activities I’d love to do. Not to mention all the homework/studying/assignments I’ve got to fit in to the normally busy schedule.

All I have been listening to for the past week are the sweet sounds of Mumford & Sons and Wakey!Wakey! Even after realizing this I can’t stop it. They’re just so lively, and have awesome lyrics, and sound like the sweet sounds of Fall rolled into amazing bands.
Someone should probably stage a scarf intervention & by that I mean I’m running out of space & need a storage idea option. #someonehelp
“Because I Said So” movie is playing right now & it could not be the most fitting movie for the way I’m feeling right now. Not quite 100% sure why. But it’s adorable, and kinda makes me wish I had a sister or two. Not to mention I’m totally gonna dress in the awesome classic clothes Daphenne Wilder wears when I get to that age :D. Plus the difference in Johnny and the lame Jason is quite funny. Shows you not to judge a book by it’s cover. And my second favorite movie quote lies somewhere within the lines of this script. Also, I love everything about this movie.

Pumpkin. Pumpkin. Pumpkin. Beer that is. It’s pretty much rocking my world. If you’d like to try some of the best, you should check out Dogfish Head Punkin Ale or Southern Tier Pumking.
Prediction for the fall / winter. My outfits will all consist of leggings, long tank, boots & a fantastic scarf. You’re right I don’t see a problem with this either.
The Cowboys are playing the Panthers here in Charlotte this Sunday & I’ve got to admit that I’ve never been as excited about a sporting event in my life. Excited to see the game. And surely hoping my boys play well & grab a win. I’m also a hundred percent sure I’m sad that I didn’t order my Personalized Jersey in time to have it to wear on game day.

I’ve had this strange urge to wear plaid [ whether it be a plaid flannel shirt or plaid patterned anything ]. I found a shirt at target tonight, but couldn’t make the plunge. Am I really gonna wear that ? Who knows with me. However, I did set my sight on a sweet scarf! Who can argue with hunter green, mustard yellow, navy & off white ? I couldn’t either.
Have I mentioned football watching, scarf wearing, pumpkin eating/drinking season is my absolute favorite? Because man, there literally is nothing better than this time of the year.

Side note. I should be ban from Target. For my own good. Why do I want everything there? Why?

Just like that my random thoughts shall end. I’ve had such a delightful fall so far and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for the rest of this wonderful [ also favorite ] season of mine. I’m gonna get back to watching this awesome movie I’ve popped in & hit the sack soon.

PS. My favorite quote of the movie is….

“‘Cause you were so nervous, you laughed like a hyena in that beautiful polka dot dress of yours.”

“Really? Mmm-hmm. I’ll tell you one thing, through. You did not have me the moment we met because I wasn’t even sure that I liked the fact that your staff talked about you behind your back at the dessert table. And, excuse me, but, truth be told, I didn’t like anything that you ordered for me on our first date, except the calamari. And okay, fine, yes it was nice to not have to think for a change, but who wants someone who doesn’t think? Look, and sometimes you laugh when I cry and say, “Huh?” when I make perfect sense. And never, ever in my life have I burned a chocolate souffle until now and that, in and of itself, oh my God, should have told me I don’t feel like myself around you. And I would have decided that a long time ago if it weren’t for my mother. Because who wants someone who laughs like a hyena in a polka dot dress that my mother made me buy?”

“I love that dress”

…… Oh boy, if that doesn’t say it all.

:) Goodnight Folks.

— samdann


hello 430am. didn’t really care to see you.

There’s something about getting up real early. About starting off on the right foot. Whether or not today’s early morning rise was due to the fact I was unable to sleep since 4am & decided I might as well get up and do something.. It was sure a great, productive, and ultimately a fulfilling day.

Started off getting all my reading done before getting ready this morning. That was nice, and more helpful than hitting the library after class. Also finished up my Excel Project which was sweet to check off my to do list. Taking my time & actually able to fully get ready was a definite change. Left for work way early, making it peaceful to not have to worry about traffic. Sweet sounds from my new Autumn playlist made the commute extra enjoyable. Got my favorite parking spot to back Sophia into. And scrolled on into work. Focusing more on work stuff since I didn’t have to worry about classwork on my break.

After work, I was able to snag a cute bench outside one of the school buildings and enjoy a little of the absolutely gorgeous day while finally getting to read in my ‘just for fun’ book [twyla tharp. the creative habit.]before class. Been struggling to find time to read in my personal reading, since I always feel like I should be reading or studying for classes. But man, let me tell you! Being all caught up and ahead of assignments for class sure makes them a lot less stressful ;) [I know common sense, but this semester is one of the first times that’s happened.] Makes a world of difference!!!

Then instead of picking up the dinner to go, as I hate eating in somewhere by myself. I decided that I wanted to eat in & was accompanied by awesome words of my book :) But a fun change. Was looking forward to popping out this blog every since I hopped in the car to leave campus! And now that I’ve written it, gotta fill out my answer for the ‘Q&A a day’ journal [Q&A Journal] and I am gonna throw in the towel on one successful day! :)

just for fun reading. the creative habit.

I can only hope that come tomorrow, at the crack of dawn… my love and joy of a proactive early starting day will win out over my love of staying all cuddled up in my amazing bed until…. the… last…. possible… minute…. ;)

guess we will see….