march days.

if you asked me how things were going right now I’d tell you…

  • i’m loving our first peak at gorgeous warm spring weather. and wish it would stay that way.
  • completely falling in love with how cute my apartment is turning out. especially since dad helped me hang some shelves & other things last weekend. i seriously never want to move!!!
  • i would tell you that the week finished up a lot better than it had begun.
  • having my own place to myself most days has been God sent. my OCD tendencies love being able to have everything exactly the way I want it. but I’m not gonna lie that it doesn’t get really lonely sometimes.
  • i am really really contemplating getting a young dog. i fell in love with two rescues online & will hopefully meet them soon. stressing out about whether its a right decision or not. they’re already house trained, which is the major thing I was worried about not being able to do. but we’ll see how it turns out!
  • seriously missing that boy of mine. three weeks without seeing him? not happy at all. definitely a love/hate relationship with LDR’s. fo sho.
  • hating google is getting rid of google reader!!! like what the heck?! i set up my blog lovin account & have used it for a few days, but it’s really not the same.
  • seriously dreading the next couple of weekends. which in turn is making me dread the next couple of weeks. can I just skip to the end of March already? please?!
  • i can’t believe I have my second tattoo appointment booked. could not be more ecstatic.
  • i’m pretty sad that I haven’t worked on project life in like 2 months. my year ends at the end of march. i’m gonna take a little break. so I can get caught up & rethink exactly how I’m gonna continue. i don’t have as much time as I used to & what I want to get out of it has shifted.
  • sadly i have a hole in my ear and no piercing. i have been wanting my tragus pierced for forever. however, the lady had trouble and after finally getting it pierced couldn’t get the jewelry in. uber sadness.
  • can’t wait for sweet summertime. warm weather. boyfran to be home. and pool days.


guilty balance issues.

I fear that my birthday and the start of new habits came at the worse time. I had just got myself into a good routine and now I feel like I’m already slipping off the bandwagon.

Charleston Bridge
With the start of classes infused with planning & taking a birthday vacation trip to Charleston totally has thrown my newfound semi-routine.
I haven’t been so behind on my Project Life binder as I am now. Not even sure how I’m gonna get caught up!! Not to mention its horribly sad because I had so many things planed for my birthday weekend spread.
The Creative Habit
Part of my 24 in 24 list was read 12 books. There’s so many new books ive wanted to read, not to mention the couple sitting on my bookshelf I’ve yet to dive into. And I had been doing really well with this one so far, but with the start of school. There’s always reading to do for classes and I feel guilty ‘pleasure reading’ when I should be doing class work.
Let’s not even get into working out. That ship sailed about 2 weeks before we left for Charleston. You know because of all the obviously important birthday shopping & outfit planning that needed to take place.
My attempt at collecting my thoughts and blogging more has fallen quite short as well. Although not due to the lack of blog ideas coming to mind.  And partially to do with the void of time and a lot to do with the fact I have to create a website for a class. Again the guilty feeling that I shouldn’t be contributing to my personal website with that due date creeping up.
It seems lack of time, guilt, and balance issues are the theme here.
Well, time to hop off the blog and try to conjure up a game plan.

the start of something wonderful…

I’ve been wanting to blog. After a few initial posts, it seems I’ve kept waiting for the perfect thing to write about, or when I finally get everything on my page perfect then I’ll start. It doesn’t have to be perfect right at the start, but you’ve got to begin somewhere. So here’s to my work in progress :) as well as adapting that motto for my life. I need to stop waiting for the perfect time. Instead I need to little by little start working on the things I want to accomplish.

I wanted to start this blog as a project for me to focus on my life, all the big and small things, and a way to document the journey :) I’ve got a few projects I wanted to start and a lot of ideas floating around in my head and can’t wait to try them and get back to the fun silly crazy driven Samdann that I am!
project one.
Simplified scrapbooking. Which is exactly what I need, due to my tendency to get overwhelmed when presented with a million little options. This one takes the guess work out & allows you to focus on ‘cultivating a good life‘ as she says. I’m excited that out of all the projects I debated on doing or trying to figure out which one was what I was looking for I knew this one was perfect when I saw it :). If you’re not familiar with it, should definitely check it out!
Mine will include one spread for every week for a year. A little scared at the semi large commitment I am making… But I [adore] the basis of the project. Capturing the little moments in life, focusing on the small things that ultimately make up your days from:
❤ random pictures
❤ things i did
❤ quotes that rocked my world
❤ what song i’m obsessed with
❤ fun places i went
❤ the weather that week
❤ things i bought
and that goes on and on i’m sure. Yesterday I finished up the title page for it so I can be all ready to start this weeks spread! It’s my first scrapbooking experience & my first time using Photoshop Elements. So this will be an interesting & fun project to say the least!
[title page for Project Life]
[peak at week 1. the date card.]
project two.
I have always seen people do these and it’s such an interesting look into your life, randomness and all. Not sure why I never have yet, but with the onset of ProjectLife I figured it was a great compliment. So here goes! I will finally participate in PHOTO A DAY APRIL!
Excited to start these projects & post all of the progress!