anna karenina.

I’ve discovered with the random want to do this task, that I’m quite odd.

What you ask?

Well I got the strange urge to read a classic novel. The random mention of Tolstoy in a movie may have had something to do with it. I never paid that much attention to the often boring novel picks in high school & figured my knowledge of classic literature is quite lacking. This clearly isn’t gonna totally fix that, but will broaden my horizons a little just the same.

What sparked Anna Karenina? Again no clue. I wasn’t even sure what the plot of the story was. In spite of that for some reason I was drawn in to it. I am sure this is the classic novel I wanted to dive into.

When I went to google it for the correct spelling of it. I stumbled across a movie trailer with the release date of November 20th! What?! A new movie!! I’m not gonna lie made me 10x more excited than before about it.

Looks quite interesting too!

After finally deciding that audiobooks fit into my life a little better right now, despite my love of having the physical copies of books. It’s off to download it and see if it lives up to the hype I’ve created.

- samdann

hello 430am. didn’t really care to see you.

There’s something about getting up real early. About starting off on the right foot. Whether or not today’s early morning rise was due to the fact I was unable to sleep since 4am & decided I might as well get up and do something.. It was sure a great, productive, and ultimately a fulfilling day.

Started off getting all my reading done before getting ready this morning. That was nice, and more helpful than hitting the library after class. Also finished up my Excel Project which was sweet to check off my to do list. Taking my time & actually able to fully get ready was a definite change. Left for work way early, making it peaceful to not have to worry about traffic. Sweet sounds from my new Autumn playlist made the commute extra enjoyable. Got my favorite parking spot to back Sophia into. And scrolled on into work. Focusing more on work stuff since I didn’t have to worry about classwork on my break.

After work, I was able to snag a cute bench outside one of the school buildings and enjoy a little of the absolutely gorgeous day while finally getting to read in my ‘just for fun’ book [twyla tharp. the creative habit.]before class. Been struggling to find time to read in my personal reading, since I always feel like I should be reading or studying for classes. But man, let me tell you! Being all caught up and ahead of assignments for class sure makes them a lot less stressful ;) [I know common sense, but this semester is one of the first times that’s happened.] Makes a world of difference!!!

Then instead of picking up the dinner to go, as I hate eating in somewhere by myself. I decided that I wanted to eat in & was accompanied by awesome words of my book :) But a fun change. Was looking forward to popping out this blog every since I hopped in the car to leave campus! And now that I’ve written it, gotta fill out my answer for the ‘Q&A a day’ journal [Q&A Journal] and I am gonna throw in the towel on one successful day! :)

just for fun reading. the creative habit.

I can only hope that come tomorrow, at the crack of dawn… my love and joy of a proactive early starting day will win out over my love of staying all cuddled up in my amazing bed until…. the… last…. possible… minute…. ;)

guess we will see….