twenty thirteen in review [part 1]


  • felt AMAZING starting the year out with a mini vacation to charleston. hands down the best getaway ever. have i mentioned that i LOVE that city!? because i’m not even sure if love really begins to cover it. obsession is more like it. my soul is at peace when it’s near water & palm trees. alex & i stayed at this adorable hotel downtown that had so much old southern charleston charm. it was also perfect to be able to walk down and be right in the middle of everything. it being their off season it was refreshingly quiet. seriously my favorite place on earth.
  • alabama killed it & became BCS champions for the 2nd year in a row!
  • I started my first semester back with a full class load. it felt nerve-wracking and great to get back at it.
  • celebrated Rosa & Archie’s sweet baby in the oven at her beautiful baby shower.


february 2014

  • this month contained lots of study dates + project life working days.
  • awesome shopping date at old navy & target with mama bear, finding some gorgeous outfits in spring colors + the lacy white dress to war to the Barristers ball.
  • sweet pre-valentines date with the parentals! dad surprised me with a gorgeous cross necklace + took me and mama bear out to a yummy dinner at texas roadhouse.
  • annual outback sweetheart dinner for two + movie girlfriend date with my boo Ashley.
  • began my addiction to the amazing TV series Suits! my my my how freaking gorgeous that Gabriel Macht is. Whew!
  • also became addicted to the app 8tracks for giving me a continuous playlist of Suits’ awesome soundtrack.
  • had a wonderful night downtown Raleigh with Alex at Campbell Law’s Barristers Ball. fun night with all of his friends + a delicious dinner + heading out to some local places afterwards. raleigh’s downtown is pretty quaint.


march 2014

  • ordered a few sweet artwork pieces to fill some more space on my gallery wall. Basically obsessed with the penguin artwork from Kal’s shop
  • a few very successful ikea trips to get some decorations + shelving for the apartment
  • mama and papa visited to help finish hanging the last of artwork & wall shelves. finishing up the last little bit of my plans felt great! i adore my first apartment to myself.
  • welcomed sweet Kingsley Ryan into my life! i adopted him on march 24th. a sweet 31lb 6 month old black lab/pitt mix. i’m obsessed with his pupster face.
  • said hello to tattoo # 3 weighing in at a long two hours. unlike the others this serves as a reminder going forward. to always hold the past as just that. don’t let it hold me down as I try to go forward. and also to stay anchored to hope. that there’s always something to hope for. a reason to go forward even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. “which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;” KJV Hebrews 6:19
  • mister kingsley ryan took his first trip to statesville to meet his grandparents. needless to say they adored him as much as I do.


april 2014

  • enjoying lots of kingsley cuddles & play times
  • celebrated papa bears birthday with a family dinner
  • met baby g for the first time. she wasn’t too fond of me, giving me that stank eye the whole time. hehe. it’s okay i still adored her.
  • night out + daytime play with miss ashlee.
  • king’s first ride in Betsy, papa bear’s F250 on the way to the vet :( my boy won’t stop itching and scrating!! the only thing we concluded is that he has bad allergies & needed an antibiotic shot to clear out the infection he caused himself.
  • craft day with mama. learning how to work the machine and do some basic sewing. made king and i cute travel bags. and started an anchor nail project.
  • enjoyed the gorgeous weather and the welcoming of spring’s arrival
  • lots of reading for economics and in the good books I picked up ‘carry on warrior’ & ‘a beautiful battlefield’. thanks blogging world for the awesome suggestions.
  • day of shooting with the parentals + kingsley.


may 2014

  • date night out for drinks with ashlee
  • carolina rebellion w/paulina @ the charlotte motor speedway. had an amazing time. amazing music. and had some strangers turn into amazing hangout buddies. need i say more?
  • delighted in quite a few saucer nights.
  • date night out to noda with alex. first time eating at revolution pizza + a few drinks @ the dog bar afterwards.
  • lots of outdoor time with papa bear.
  • the most amazing surprise ever! tickets to a sold out Sara Bareilles concert!!! man. absolutely adore her music. but live she is awesome and hilarious.
  • soaked up afterwork dates poolside reading time.
  • spent memorial day thankful for the sacrifice of amazing men + enjoying the gorgeous outdoors


june 2014

  • still absolutely enjoying the summer and gorgeous weather outdoors.
  • hung out with the second brother tyty for the last time before he headed off to basic.
  • celebrated meggie poo’s graduation. can’t believe she’s already out of high school. i remember holding her the day she born. #gettingold
  • bento box from cowfish. absolutely delish.
  • had an amazing date night in Baxter, SC. i had never been there and it was one of the most adorable little places. loved walking around and checking it out. the wine shop was hands down my favorite.
  • crawdad’s game with the brother bear and alex. then enjoyed dinner + drinks at one of the favorites Olde Hickory Tap Room.
  • margaritas + sappy love movie night in with miss paulina.
  • and lastly night out to coyote joes to meet a missed friend canaan.