and so the end has come…

Just like that I’m finished with all of the books!!

I’ve got to admit although the first book is a good read, semi-predictable but still keeps you interested, it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. I enjoyed it greatly and fell in love with Katniss’s character, but I didn’t really feel strongly one way or the other about the book and that kinda left me feeling odd. That quickly changed once I finished the second book. And by the third I was completely obsessed. I wanted to finish to know what was going to happen, would Katniss make it? Would she end up with Gale? Would the capitol win? Would she die as a token of the war? Would district 13 turn out to be as devious as the capital had? Who was good? Who was evil? It brings so many questions.

I’m so sad to finally come to an end though. It feels so empty on my drive home now, without the audio book to keep me company :( hehe. I wish there was ¬†more to the story! I always become so attached to the characters of books I read, hence my twilight obsession ;)

Although none of the events are directly related to anything happening in our world, there are hints of themes that make you relate to them. Make you question certain aspects.

I am in no way a good book reviewer, just my thoughts on finishing up! I’ll continue my obsession with watching the movie numerous times and putting the sweet soundtrack that I CAN NOT stop listening to on repeat!!