my little pupster is growing up.

Kingsley Ryan

his sweet face is a little over a year now.

he loved spending time with his grandparents for a week when I moved. but started to get extremely sad and moping wanting to come home. not gonna lie, this made me a happy puppy mama.

loves people watching & could sit out on the porch for hours just staring… oh wait he does that. although i’m glad he loves having a porch as much as i do!

he’s always ALWAYS always a happy pup.

he’s a chewer. yet to find one toy he can’t destroy in under a minute besides a kong rubber log thing. stuffing? heh. rope? he rips it and eats it. rubber toys? he chews chunks off.

has now started sleeping all night in my room on his dog bed. it’s too precious.

he truly loves watching tv & gets bored and restless inside if I don’t have the tv on or music playing.

he knows how to sit, lay down, shake, give paw, & stay.

he’s absolutely loving his new little dog park here at the new place. he met a little ‘girl’ friend and had some play time the other night we went out.

his cute little self curled up on the couch for his naps get me everytime.

he’s always gotta be with you. whether it’s couch cuddles, under my desk when i’m crafting, or under my feet when i’m getting ready or cooking.

if he sees you out the window or on the porch he’ll give you a long low growl. if he sees you out on the walk he’ll WHINE and WHINE to come play with you.

really hoping his new food we’re trying will stop his terrible itching. not sure what we’re going to do if it doesn’t help him.

love you sweet, king.

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