I was looking at Kristin’s instagram @ KV Confessions and saw her picture of dreams ¬†written on here wrist. she was contemplating a tattoo idea. took me back to the time way back thinking that I wanted my first tattoo to be passion written on my wrist. passionate was the one word I could sum myself up in. I loved to love. and especially the little things in life. even the excitement i would get buying a new cup that i loved was borderline insanity. every little thing made me happy. every time I would use it would make me equally as excited and happy.

now today…. all that excitement and passion seems to be gone. and i’m not sure where it went. or quite frankly how to go about getting it back. the slight moments in which I will feel excitement dwindle very quickly. life does a good job of finding ways to suck the passion out of you. although, i would like to be able to get mine back. i still have ideas that make me excited but somehow talk myself out of following through with them. wish there was a guidebook for re-finding your passion. i’d click buy in a heartbeat.

i miss the excitement of the little things.

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