.kingsley ryan.


meet the pupster.
he’s such a sweetheart.
i adopted him.
he’s a lab mix. with some pit in there somewhere.
i can’t believe i have a puppy.
i’ve had him for a week and two days now.
he’s a major cuddle buddy, which i can’t get enough of.
i hated leaving him at home this past week.
i’m quite certain he likes naps as much as me.
he’s been such a good boy since i’ve gotten him. minus one pair of shoes..
i like buying stuff for him. a little too much possibly.
he’s an old soul in a pups body. kinda like his mama.
he’s pretty much the best kind of roommate.
his attention span is all of two seconds.
i really want one of these paracord amazingnesses for him.
he met most of the family this weekend. everyone can’t help but to adore┬áhim.
being a puppy mama is the best.

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