anna karenina.

I’ve discovered with the random want to do this task, that I’m quite odd.

What you ask?

Well I got the strange urge to read a classic novel. The random mention of Tolstoy in a movie may have had something to do with it. I never paid that much attention to the often boring novel picks in high school & figured my knowledge of classic literature is quite lacking. This clearly isn’t gonna totally fix that, but will broaden my horizons a little just the same.

What sparked Anna Karenina? Again no clue. I wasn’t even sure what the plot of the story was. In spite of that for some reason I was drawn in to it. I am sure this is the classic novel I wanted to dive into.

When I went to google it for the correct spelling of it. I stumbled across a movie trailer with the release date of November 20th! What?! A new movie!! I’m not gonna lie made me 10x more excited than before about it.

Looks quite interesting too!

After finally deciding that audiobooks fit into my life a little better right now, despite my love of having the physical copies of books. It’s off to download it and see if it lives up to the hype I’ve created.

- samdann

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