project life : week 1

Its only the first week & I’ve already learned I’m a perfectionist. An over achiever. I want to know everything I can possibly do with a project. But once I do, I get so overwhelmed on the small choices I don’t know what I would rather do. And if I can’t give it my everything I choose to give it nothing. You can see the dilemma here….

I’m really trying to break that habit and this is looking like just the project to help with that. Which is one of the reasons why this project is amazing. Each week is going to be different. You’ve got a whole lot of flexibility. Some weeks you can go all out & embellish and add tons of details, and then other weeks when you don’t have much time you can just throw the basics in there. A few pictures, some journalling and ‘wha-lah!!!’ you’ve got that week done. Also what’s great with Project Life is that you can go back & add extra details to the pages later on. After one finished up the main thing I’ve been trying to focus in week number two is writting down more thoughts about things I do thoughout the days.

After trying to decide what’s the best way to keep track of those, I came across a great app that was recommended on one of the many blogs I follow. Momento [ it's $2.99 from the app store ]. The great thing about that app is that it keeps them organized by dates and you can put pictures on there & type up some notes about the photo which is exactly what I needed!! You can also tag people, places, events, & custom tags which gives a great way to search back through things!

I just downloaded the app & started using it today & I already love it. It takes a lot of stress of trying to keep all my pictures, descriptions, & thoughts organized. I can keep every thing nicely inside one app.

With all of the overwhelming feelings aside [which I'm working on ;) ], I have absolutely enjoyed every minute of working on Week 1. Im so excited about my spread that i’m showing & telling everyone. I cant remember thr last time i’ve been so excited about something like this. But It’s so fun & such a great creative outlet & not to mention it’s going to be so amazing to look back on!!

So here’s to one week down…. And 51 to go…. Such a fun journey I have embarked upon! As I had an inkling in the beginning, this is the perfect project for me right now.


It’s my first go at any sort of scrapbooking, and not 100% sure if I want to keep the whole project unified somehow or just go week by week with it.

Now that i’m obsessed with this project. I quickly became obsessed with shopping for craft supplies… and I may or may not have gone a little crazy in Michael’s…


okay… sssshhh!!!! I totally did :) but aren’t they totally fun looking?

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