Meet Sophia The Kia

After a lot of time and research…. It’s finally paid off. I brought sweet sophie home last night. First time car buyer! Whew! Talk about a lot of stress, just glad it is finally over. Now I no longer feel like I’m going to vomit. But I’m happy with my decision, although I probably won’t be when the first payment comes in :) I got the beautiful car I wanted. All the features I needed. And at the cheapest price I could find for that vehicle & style in 500 miles. I’m pretty proud of myself. Needless to say I’m currently a happy camper on cloud nine.


4 thoughts on “Meet Sophia The Kia

      • Hehe :) thanks DeAndrea!! I just started! Been meaning to put something together for awhile now, just never knew if I would have a lot to say on here! But figured I would give it a go. I absolutely love my Sportage, it’s amazing! I don’t think I could have bought a vehicle better!

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